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Repeated measures correlation (rmcorr) is a statistical technique for determining the common within-individual association for paired measures assessed on two or more occasions for multiple individuals.

## Installation


#development version:
# install.packages("devtools")


rmcorr(Subject, PaCO2, pH, bland1995)
#> Warning in rmcorr(Subject, PaCO2, pH, bland1995): 'Subject' coerced into a
#> factor
#> Repeated measures correlation
#> r
#> -0.5067697
#> degrees of freedom
#> 38
#> p-value
#> 0.0008471081
#> 95% confidence interval
#> -0.7067146 -0.2318631

Graphical Interface for rmcorr

A Shiny web and standalone app with a graphical user interface is also available:
Web app
Standalone app


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